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Seagulf Marine Industries Inc. | Canada's Most Trusted Ship Supplier
+1 (514) 935-6933

Seagulf Marine Industries Inc.


Canada’s Most Trusted Ship Supplier

Since 1958, Seagulf has been an integral part of Canada’s maritime supply chain.  We are a family-owned business with customer service as our top priority.  Our locations in Eastern Canada serve commercial vessels calling all ports from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the end of the Great Lakes.

“Our aim is to provide the best customer service in the world. Period.”

What We Do

Ship Supply & Chandlery

We offer a complete catalogue of marine-grades products.  This includes provisions, bonded stores, cabin stores, deck and engine supplies, and safety supplies

Marine Logistics (Spares in Transit)

We have developed advanced systems and tools for the handling, storage, and transportation of your valued shipments.  We offer consolidated delivery of your spares with provisions and other supplies to help lower your cost.

Marine Product Distribution

Seagulf has created many strategic partnerships with manufacturers in the marine market.  This allows us to bring products to the market to help you achieve your operational, budgetary, and environmental goals.  These products include EALs, bio cleaners, cordage, chemicals, and safety products.

Three Locations to Serve All of Eastern Canada

Great Lakes

14 Keefer Road

St-Catharines, ON

L2M 7N9 Canada

+1 (905) 688-2661


Montreal (Head Office)

191 rue Theberge

Delson, QC

J5B 2J9 Canada

+1 (514) 935-6933


38 Payzant Ave

Dartmouth, NS

B3B 1Z6 Canada

+1 (902) 481-1661

Authorized Distributor of Castrol Marine

Castrol has more than 100 years’ of marine experience and offers every lubricant, oil, grease, fluid and treatment your vessels could ever need.  Now, more than ever, cost pressures call for greater efficiency and better lubricant management onboard your vessels. At the same time, the importance of having the right products to comply with rising safety and environmental standards is essential. Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have developed products that help you meet these and other challenges.

Seagulf’s offers 24/7 service and local inventory of Castrol’s products.  Paired with Castrol’s technical expertise and extensive product catalogue, we are uniquely positioned to respond quickly and efficiently to your vessels’ lubricant requirements.