About Seagulf

Seagulf’s Core Values

Do the Right Thing

We always seek to do what’s right for our customers, colleagues, company, community and environment.

Generate Real Value

We seek to add value for the customer, company, and community.  We listen in order to identify a true need and fulfill it.

Go the Extra Mile

In every interaction, we strive to blow our customers away with unmatched customer service.

Take Ownership

We take responsibility for the outcome of our work.  This means doing everything in our power to ensure complete and timely supply of goods and services.

Be  Disciplined

We are a process-driven organization.  We approach tasks large and small with discipline to ensure the best results.

Take Initiative

We are proactive in our approach to challenges.  This includes careful supply chain management, proposal of alternative products, and suggestions for cost-saving measures.

Lifelong Learning

We are always seeking to improve, whether by streamlining our processes or applying new technologies.


All of our offices and departments work in close collaboration with each other and the client.  This ensures the same unparalleled service wherever we operate.


We strive to complete all of our operations in the simple and direct manner.  This elimnates errors related to overcomplicated processes.

Long-Term Focus

We always place utmost importance on long-term goals and relationships.